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Dragonfly emerging from pupal casing by Ben Lee
Devon photographer Ben Lee took this amazing photograph of a Southern Hawker dragonfly emerging from its larval casing.  The larva will have spent two or three years living underwater, preparing for the day when it would climb out and transform into a brightly coloured adult dragonfly.

Ben has captured the moment when the dragonfly has broken free of the larval casing and is now resting to give its legs time to dry and harden.  After this it will be strong enough to pull itself upright and allow its wings to fully expand.

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What's the Photo of the Week all About?

Each week dozens of people generously contribute their photos of animals, plants and wild landscapes to the UK Safari website.  From those photos we select one which we feel deserves the seven days of fame, glory, respect, admiration and worship associated with being the "Photo of the Week".  There's details on contributing photos here

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