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Black Squirrel by Tony Burgess
Black Squirrel.  Photographed by Tony Burgess at Herne Bay in Kent.  Camera used was a Canon 7D with a 100-400mm lens.

Black squirrels are being seen more frequently in the UK.  They are Grey Squirrels with a genetic mutation altering their fur colour.  When you look closely at the hair on a regular Grey Squirrel they are actually a mixture of white, black and orange stripes.  With the Black Squirrels the hairs are completely black.

More info about Black Squirrels here >

What's the Photo of the Week all About?

Each week dozens of people generously contribute their photos of animals, plants and wild landscapes to the UK Safari website.  From those photos we select one which we feel deserves the seven days of fame, glory, respect, admiration and worship associated with being the "Photo of the Week".  There's details on contributing photos here


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