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Photos, tips and articles about wildlife and nature photography in Britain

Photo of the Week
Description: Every week we receive some terrific nature photos from our website visitors. From all those sent in we choose one as the "Photo of the Week"

Photo of the Month
Description: The archive for all the previous winners of the "Photo of the Month"

Photo Tips
Description: Practical advice for nature photographers

Monster Photos
Description: How to shrink your photos for the web and e-mailing to friends

Video Clips Gallery
Description: A collection of short wildlife video clips

Digital Bird Photography
Description: A short article about photographing wild birds and digiscoping

Photo Caption Competitions
Description: Previous competition photos and the captions the visitors came up with

Photographing Clouds
Description: Practical tips on shooting clouds.

Photographing Insects
Description: Useful tip for close up shots with limited depth of field.

How to Extend the Life of Your Photos
Description: Tips for backing up, and storing your photos safely.

Free Wallpaper
Description: Brighten up the desktop of your PC with some of our free nature wallpaper

Photography Links
Description: More websites about nature photography

Digital Cameras
Description: Deals on cameras and accessories at

John Shaw's Nature Photography Field Guide
Description: Covering every problem you might encounter in the great outdoors, Shaw offers his own approach to the challenges of on-the-spot nature photography.  Using his own colour images as examples, he discusses each type of subject and situation you may encounter, while offering specific advice and techniques on how to successfully photograph it.  A wide range of topics are covered, including equipment, lenses, composition, close-ups, and professional tips.

John Shaw's Business of Nature Photography
Description: Perfect for anyone thinking of turning professional. In this manual John Shaw shares his personal game plan for running a profit-making photography business.  He covers; legal and financial issues, equipment, copywriting, storing, mailing photographs, invoicing and he examines the kind of pictures that will sell, finding clients, marketing strategies and selling rights.

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