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About UK Safari

Thanks for stopping by.  For some unknown reason this website has become very popular.  It's enjoyed by wildlife watchers of all ages, and incredibly, it's even won awards... which should tell you something about the state of the Internet today.

What's it About

When we started UK Safari back in the last millennium we just wanted to show the sort of wildlife which can be found in these over-populated little islands.  Very little has changed, except we started publishing a free e-newsletter in June 2000.


If there's one thing which has really helped the site to grow it's the generosity of the contributors who've written articles, donated photos, and given their time in answering questions.  Be sure to checkout their names on the contributors list.

Becoming a Contributor

UK Safari has many pages on the flora and fauna found in the U.K., but there's still plenty of species which aren't yet featured.  If you'd like to add something, please consider sending it in.  Details on sending in photos can be found here.

Contact Us

We're always pleased to hear from visitors.  You can let us know what you think of the website (good or bad) or tell us about your own wildlife sightings.

All the e-mails are received by one person (Gary Bradley).  If you don't hear back straight away it's because he's been swamped by emails.  UK Safari gets thousands of visitors a day and he has to answer a HUUUGE number of questions from those visitors.  He's also not the brightest of humans so give him a chance.

Email us at: uksafari @ (remove the spaces).

Or you could write to us at the tent.  We're currently pitched at: UK Safari, 3 Rue de la Foret, 57770 Moussey, France.

IMPORTANT: Please don't email for help with wildlife casualties.  Always, always, always phone your local wildlife hospital as quickly as possible.

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