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bird Treecreepers

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Scientific name:  Certhia familiaris

Size:  Approx 13cm

Distribution:  Found throughout the UK

Months seen:  All year round

Habitat:  Parks and woodland

Food:  Invertebrates

Special features:  Treecreepers are so called because they are usually seen walking up the trunks of trees, hunting for small insects in the bark.

When they're feeding they generally spiral up one tree in a jerky fashion, before jumping to the base of the next tree and then spiral up that one (see clip).  If you see a bird going the opposite way, i.e. walking head first down a tree trunk, that will most likely be a nuthatch.

The beak of the Treecreeper is quite long and thin, and downward curving.  The plumage is mainly dappled brown above and white on the underparts.

Treecreepers frequently nest in cracks in trees

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