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newspaper What's Going Wild in January?

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Red Squirrel

The fur coats of both red and grey squirrels are at their thickest and most colourful in January.  Well you’ve got to look your best if you’re... keep reading >

Photo of the Week

Checkout the "Photo of the Week" and view more in the archive.  If you've got a good nature photo you'd like to see published on the website... keep reading >


When you walk around woodlands in January and look at all the lifeless brown vegetation, you get the impression that spring is still a long... keep reading >


January weather produces some beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  When you see the bright red and orange colours streaming through the branches... keep reading >

Walnut Orb-weaver

Walnut Orb-weavers usually sleep all day, hidden in tiny crevices.  You might possibly find one on the outside walls of your house or around your... keep reading >

Snow Bunting

A few of these birds live and breed in Scotland but the majority of Snow Buntings arrive in the UK each winter from Greenland and Scandinavia... keep reading >


If you visit a deciduous woodland in January you'll notice that the vivid green of the mosses really seem to stand out.  At this of year mosses are at... keep reading >

Jews Ear Fungi

Although many species of fungi prefer the warm, damp conditions of autumn, the Jew's Ear Fungus seems to enjoy the cold January temperatures... keep reading >


There are few creepy-crawlies which can remain active in the cold January temperatures.  One exception is the woodlouse.  Woodlice are a... keep reading >

Wood Pigeon

In January you'll sometimes encounter very large flocks of Wood Pigeon.  It was previously believed that their population was increased by... keep reading >

Spring Usher Moth

Spring Usher Moths are mostly seen from early February to mid-March, but being the ushers of spring, if the weather is mild you might see... keep reading >


It may seem a bit chilly for frogs to be feeling frisky, but records show that frogs in the UK can start mating as early as Christmas day.  More usually the... keep reading >


Here's a FREE 2018 Calendar for you to download.  Print it out and use it to record all your important appointments for the coming year, or send it to... keep reading >

Pink Lacewing

There are 14 species of green lacewing and 29 species of brown lacewing in the UK, but only one of them spends the winter as an adult insect.  It goes... keep reading >

Hibernating Peacock butterfly

The Peacock butterfly (Inachis io) is one of the few butterflies in the UK which hibernates as an adult.  When the cold weather sets in the peacock seeks... keep reading >

puffed up Robin

A short video showing a Robin puffing out his feathers and getting priority treatment at the bird table.  When you watch the birds feeding in your garden... keep reading