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What's Going Wild in May?

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The Dawn Chorus

It's arrived.  That time of year when bleary-eyed individuals around the UK raise their pale, corpse-like bodies from their warm, comfortable beds in the middle of the night just to listen to... more >

Photo of the Week

Checkout the "Photo of the Week" and view more in the archive.  If you've got a good nature photo you'd like to contribute to the UK Safari website please send it in... more >

8,000 Spider Legs!

Have you ever seen one of those Guinness world record attempts where a huge number of people try to cram into a Mini?  Well if you have, and you've watched them all slowly... more >

Frogs Go Walkabout

The idea that frogs spend all their lives croaking in ponds or sitting on lily pads is best left to fairy tales.  Despite what most people like to believe frogs actually spend most of their adult lives on dry land... more >

When Botany blends with Entomology

Take a look at the plants and trees in your area over the next few weeks and you might notice some strange shaped swellings on the leaves and stems.  In most cases, these abnormal... more >

Bugs Going Bump in the Night

Cockchafers are also frequently called Maybugs because of the month they appear.  At 30mm long they're one of our largest beetles.  They fly at night and if you leave your curtains open with the... more >

How to Find a Water Vole

Often the first (and last) indication you get is the loud "plop" sound they make as they hit the water and vanish into the distance.  But once you know where water voles can be found, watching them... more >

Love Potion... or Just a Load of Orchids?

The Early Purple Orchid is, as the name suggests, one of the first orchids to flower in the U.K. each year.  You'll find this plant in woods, at woodland edges, and in damp meadows... more >

Big Mouth

Pike are probably the most voracious carnivores of all our freshwater fish.  They lurk amongst water weed, perfectly camouflaged, waiting for passing fish or unsuspecting small birds paddling over... more >

Airborne with Antlers!

At up to 60mm long Stag beetles are the largest wild beetles found in the UK.  In May they emerge from their underground pupal cases, and on warm evenings take to the air... more >

Holly - It's Not Just for Christmas

If you've seen a small, bright blue butterfly flitting around your garden recently it's most likely to be the Holly Blue.  It's no accident that May is the peak flying time for... more >

The Emperor's New Clothes

The crusty old cocoon I've lovingly cared for in my garden shed since last September, and which has given my family serious concerns about my mental stability (again) finally erupted... more >

Lift Off!

In late May and early June millions of baby blue tits will be taking to the air for the first time.  It's often a bit of a damp start to life with all the rain showers hitting the UK in springtime.  Incredibly only... more >

The Hedgehog's Love Dance

Gentleman hedgehogs will be out this month trying to impress lady hedgehogs.  It's mating time for hedgehogs, so there'll be lots of snuffling noises coming from beneath the shrubbery... more >

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