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What's Going Wild in March?

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Big Nests!

In late March, Mute swans start constructing their nests. They're big birds with big eggs, so you'd expect their nests to be a big construction... and you'd be right, they're whoppers... more >

Photo of the Week

Checkout the "Photo of the Week" and view more in the archive.  If you've got a good nature photo you'd like to contribute to the UK Safari website please send it in... more >

Spring is in the Hare

This month you could be lucky enough to see brown hares chasing each other.  They stand up on their hind legs as they jab and kick each other, like a couple of fluffy kick boxers... more >

Adventures with Adders

The warmer daytime temperatures in March bring Adders (Vipera berus) out of hibernation.  At this time of year they often sit motionless in the sunshine for long periods to... more >

Blooming Great Butterburs

At the end of February or beginning of March the Butterbur begins to flower.  The pinkish blooms appear in dense clusters on a thick, fleshy spike which can grow to about 50cm (20") in height.  You'll find... more >


Not the iron-pumping, steroid-munching types.  We're talking about the real genetically magical bodybuilders - newts.  They've spent the winter on dry land, either under a... more >

Pimp My Nest

At this time of year Red Kites become much more vocal, calling to each other with a shrill "wee-ooh" sound.  Many will have paired up already, and pretty soon their attention will be on... more >

Birch Sap Tapping

In early spring there's a refreshing drink which you can easily extract from the Birch Tree.  Just before the buds expand and open (late February to early April) the Birch tree trunk is bursting with... more >

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