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spider What's Going Wild in July?

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Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly

July is probably the best month of the year to see butterflies in the UK.  More than 50 different species are on the wing now - more than at any other time of the year.  They range in size from... keep reading >

Photo of the Week

Checkout the "Photo of the Week" and view more in the archive.  If you've got a good nature photo you'd like to contribute to the UK Safari website please send it in... keep reading >

Bloody-nosed Beetle

If you happen to see a particularly doddery looking black beetle bumbling about the countryside this month, then chances are you've encountered a Bloody-nosed Beetle... keep reading >

Tawny Owl Chick

If you'd like to see a Tawny Owl, but aren't too enthusiastic about the idea of wandering through your local woodland in the middle of the night, then July could be your lucky month... keep reading >


Kestrels are one of the UK's most common birds of prey.  You can see kestrels while traveling down almost any motorway here.  If you get a chance to watch one hunting it's a... keep reading >

Dragonfly Larva

Dragonflies belong to the order of insects known as 'Odonata' which in ancient Greek literally meant "toothed jaw". They are some of our largest insects, and are also among the most... keep reading >

Labyrinth Spider at the entrance to her web

Spiders, spiders, spiders.  If I had a penny for every spider enquiry I receive I'd be a rich man.  Never a day goes by and I don't get at least one email from some poor, terrified soul wanting to know if... keep reading >


If you've got one of those immaculate, smooth, well watered, bowling green type lawns with the perfectly parallel green stripes along it, then you should probably start panicking now... keep reading >

Rose Chafer

On sunny days you can sometimes spot these glistening emerald-like beetles in the garden.  The beautiful iridescent Rose Chafer beetles can usually be found on rose bushes... keep reading >

Baby Hedgehog

Baby hedgehogs will be leaving their nests on foraging trips with their mothers this month.  This is an important time for them as they have to learn very quickly how to survive independently... keep reading >

Braconid wasps emerging from a caterpillar

Did you ever see the science fiction film "Alien"?  You know the famous bit where the monster bursts out of that guys chest at the dinner table?  Gross.  Ever wonder if... keep reading >


Intensive agricultural practices and a decrease in the number of insect pollinated crops have led to a drastic decline in bumblebee numbers over the past seventy years, with one... keep reading >