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newspaper What's Going Wild in March?

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Brimstone Butterfly

On sunny days this month look out for the bright yellow Brimstone butterfly.  It's usually the first butterfly on the wing each year and an indicator that... keep reading >

Photo of the Week

Checkout the "Photo of the Week" and view more in the archive.  If you've got a good nature photo you'd like to see published on the website... keep reading >

Mad March Hares

Spring is in the hare, and in March you'll sometimes see hares chasing each other around farm fields and grassy areas.  They stand up on their... keep reading >

Adder basking

The warmer daytime temperatures in March bring Adders (Vipera berus) out of hibernation.  At this time of year they often sit motionless in the... keep reading >

Butterburs in Bloom

At the end of February or beginning of March the Butterbur begins to flower.  The pinkish blooms appear in dense clusters on a thick, fleshy... keep reading >

Mute Swan on her nest

In late March Mute Swans start constructing their nests.  They're big birds with big eggs, so you'd expect their nests to be a big construction... keep reading >

Great Crested Newt

It's that time of year when newts in the UK start making their annual journey back to their ancestral breeding ponds.  Already this week there have been... keep reading >

Listening to a Birch Tree for sap rising

In early spring there's a healthy drink which you can easily extract from the Birch Tree.  Just before the buds expand and open (late February to... keep reading >

Common Pipistrelle Bat

On mild days in March you may be lucky enough to see a bat flying in the daytime.  Recently I watched a Lesser Horseshoe bat for half an hour as it... keep reading >

Wood Anemones in bloom

The fragile little Wood Anemones begin flowering in March.  These attractive plants often grow in profusion, carpeting the ground beneath the... keep reading >

Frost Flower

If you take an early morning walk in the woods this month you may be lucky enough to see one of nature's rare, and rather beautiful phenomenon... keep reading >

Earthworms mating

On warm mornings, usually before the sun is up, you can sometimes see Earthworms mating on the surface of the soil, with their bodies pressed against... keep reading >