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spider What's Going Wild in September?

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At this time of year Hazel Dormice are getting ready for their winter hibernation.  They sleep from October through to April below the leaf litter on the woodland floor, so it's important they're... keep reading >


Every year in late summer and early autumn we receive a truckload of questions about these creatures.  "What sort of spider is this?"  "Is it a tropical spider?"  "Is it a poisonous spider?"  "Will it... keep reading >

Swallows gathered on power lines

Late summer is the time when you're likely to see Swallows gathering in large numbers on telephone wires and power lines in readiness for their big migration.  It's the avian equivalent of a... keep reading >

Photo of the Week

Checkout the "Photo of the Week" and view more in the archive.  If you've got a good nature photo you'd like to contribute to the UK Safari website please send it in... keep reading >

Elephant Hawkmoth Larva

Once again it's been another good year for Elephant Hawk-moths.  How do we know this?  Because we've been inundated with photos of Elephant Hawk-moth caterpillars... keep reading >


Strange as it may seem this apparently happy ladybird, standing over what looks like a tiny ball of fluff, is actually suffering a life-threatening catastrophe of microscopic proportions... keep reading >

Spider Web

A lot of people have emailed me recently because they've been surprised (horrified) at the number of big spiders they've suddenly got in their gardens.  One day there's none, and the next day... keep reading >

Tiger Cranefly

It's that time of year when you can't open your doors or windows after dark without having your home invaded by hordes of gangly-legged-aim-straight-for-your-face Crane Flies.  You can also... keep reading >

Labyrinth Spider at the entrance to her web

Spiders, spiders, spiders.  If I had a penny for every spider enquiry I receive I'd be a rich man.  Never a day goes by and I don't get at least one email from some poor, terrified soul wanting to know if... keep reading >

Knoppper Galls in a jar... but why?

If you look on the ground beneath an oak tree this month you'll most likely find some fallen acorns which appear ridged and distorted.  They look more like a lump of popcorn than a nice oval acorn... keep reading >


If you've come back from the beach with knickers full of sand and pockets full of seashells then these photos might help you to identify some of your saltwater treasures... keep reading >

Spider tickling!

If you hunt around crumbly old walls you can sometimes spot small gaps and holes with strands of spider silk radiating out from them.  Occasionally you'll see the legs of a spider just... keep reading >