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bird Nuthatches

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Scientific name:  Sitta europaea

Size:  Approx 14cm

Distribution:  Found in England and Wales

Months seen:  All year round

Habitat:  Woodlands, parks and gardens

Food:  Invertebrates, seeds and nuts

Special features:  Nuthatches have a stocky body, large head and they look as if they have no neck.  They move in a jerky way, rarely on the ground, and have the ability to walk head first down tree trunks.

The nuthatch plumage is blue-grey on the top of the head and back, and a buff colour underneath and on the breast.  The beak is grey and there is a braod black eye-stripe which runs from the beak to the front of the wing.  Below the eyestripe the cheeks are white.

Nuthatches nest in holes in trees, but rather than break a hole in the trunk of the tree they look for ready made holes.  If the entrance to the hole is too big they build a ring of mud around the edge to keep predators out.

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