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deer Muntjac Deer

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Scientific name:  Muntiacus reevesi

Size:  Approximately 45 - 50cm at the shoulder

Distribution:  Found in many parts of England and spreading throughout Wales

Months seen:  All year round

Habitat:  Bramble thickets, woodlands and gardens

Food:  Grass and low growing vegetation, as well as leaves and blossom on trees

Special features:  Muntjac Deer are native to south China and were first brought to the U.K. in 1840.  Some were released into the grounds of Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire where they subsequently escaped into the surrounding countryside.

Muntjac Deer are also known as Reeves's Muntjac and are sometimes called 'barking deer' on account of the dog-like noise they make.

They have distinctive long, dark coloured scent glands running down either side of the face.  They rub these against trees and posts to mark their territory.  The males have short, backward-pointing antlers which are approximately 7cm long.  The male Muntjacs also have long canine teeth on their upper jaw which they use in territorial fights with other males.


2013 - Sherborne, Gloucestershire - G. Bradley (photo)
2014 - Swaffham, Norfolk - Don Smith (photo)

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