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Muntjacs in Hertfordshire

Muntjac - Photo  Copyright 2005 Alan Bunyan Photos: Alan Bunyan

UK Safari Tip:
Get help identifying deer and other land mammals with a fold-out illustrated ID chart - click here

These photos were sent in by Alan Bunyan who said he's been trying to get a photo of one of these timid creatures for years. One evening while he was driving home he spotted a herd of about twelve in the middle of a field.

Muntjac - Photo  Copyright 2005 Alan Bunyan

They were about three miles north of Potters Bar, close to the road in a place called Bell Bar. They appeared to be totally unconcerned about the passing traffic. As you can see they're well camouflaged among the thistles.

Muntjac - Photo  Copyright 2005 Alan Bunyan

He parked the car and crept back with the camera. Alan said; "The quality isn't as good as I would have liked but the evening was closing in and I was using 10x optical zoom plus 4x digital. They were a fair distance away from me and I knew I had no chance of getting closer to them unseen, so in the circumstances they were not bad."

Muntjac - Photo  Copyright 2005 Alan Bunyan

Rumbled! One of the deer spots the cameraman and the whole herd dashes off into the trees.

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