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Can You Die from an Adder Bite?

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Close up of an adder

Adders are the only wild snakes in the UK which are capable of inflicting a venomous bite. Adder bites cause nausea and drowsiness, followed by a painful swelling, fever and sickness, but rarely death.

Although adders can be dangerous, they're generally shy of humans, and will move away if approached.  They'll only bite if threatened, picked up, or trodden on by accident.  If you're walking in adder habitat with your dog be sure to keep your dog close to you or on a lead.

A large proportion of adder bites release no venom into the victim, however a bite from any venomous snake should be given medical treatment quickly.  If you're bitten by a snake, visit your nearest accident and emergency department, or telephone for an ambulance.  The same applies advice applies for pets.  The earlier that treatment can be given, the quicker the recovery time.

More info at: UK Safari Adders Fact File

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