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adder Adders

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Scientific name:  Vipera berus

Size:  The male is around 60cm long, and the female is approx 75cm

Distribution:  Found throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Months seen:  March to October. During the winter adders hibernate underground. The young are usually born around August.

Habitat:  Adders are normally found on heathland or sand dunes. They can often be seen warming up their bodies (basking) in the sunshine.

Food:  Mice, voles and lizards.

Special features:  Sometimes called the 'viper'. Of the three types of snake found in Britain, the adder is the only one which is venomous.

Adders can be recognised by the dark zig-zag pattern running down the length of their back, and by the dark V-shaped marking on the back of their head.  The background colour of the males tends to be more grey in colour while the females are more brown.

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