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moth Yellow Shell Moths

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Scientific name:  Camptogramma bilineata

Size:  Wingspan up to 30mm

Distribution:  Found throughout the UK

Months seen:  June to August

Habitat:  Hedgerows, woodlands, parks and gardens

Food:  The larvae feed on cleavers, bedstraw, docks and dandelions

Special features:  Yellow Shell moths can be slightly variable in colour but they usually have this yellow base colour with darker orange-brown wavy lines running through all four wings.

Yellow shells fly mostly at night, but are sometimes seen flying in daytime if they are disturbed from low growing vegetation.  They may also be attracted to lights at night.

The caterpillars are pale green with brown dots on the head and yellow bands at the joint of each body segment.  They overwinter as a larva so can be found from July to the following May

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