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Spring Ushers

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male Spring Usher

Quick Facts

Scientific name:  Agriopis leucophaearia

Size:  Wingspan approx 34mm

Distribution:  Found in many parts of England and Wales and Scotland.  Scarce in Ireland

Months seen:  January to March

Habitat:  Woodlands, parks and gardens with oak

Food:  Nectar. The caterpillars feed on oak

Special features:  Spring Usher Moths are usually found in oak woodland.  The pattern on the male wings is usually a mottled light brown background with a curving dark band at the shoulders and a wavy line across the middle of the wings.  Some individuals are completely brown.

The female Spring Usher by comparison looks like a greyish maggot with six spidery legs.  They are wingless, and of course flightless.

The caterpillars are a dull green colour with a black band along their length, on each segment.

The Spring Usher overwinters in the pupa stage.  In mild winters the adult moth may emerge as early as January.

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