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moth Scarlet Tiger Moths

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Scientific name:  Callimorpha dominula

Size:  Wingspan approximately 60mm

Distribution:  Found mainly in the southern counties of Wales and central and southern England

Months seen:  June and July

Habitat:  Always close to water, damp meadows or coastal areas

Food:  Caterpillars feed on bramble, comfrey and nettle

Special features:  Scarlet Tigers are day-flying moths.  Their forewings are an iridescent blue-black-green colour with patches of yellow and white.  The underwings are bright scarlet with black spots and bars.  Some species of Tiger moth do not feed as adults, but Scarlet Tigers have mouthparts which allow them to feed on nectar.

Scarlet tiger caterpillars have a black body with a yellow and white dorsal stripe.  The sides also have yellow and white spots and there are short black hairs on each body segment.

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