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dragonfly Scarce Chasers

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Scientific name:  Libellula fulva

Size:  Wingspan approx 75mm

Distribution:  Found in parts of southern and eastern England

Months seen:  late May to late July

Life Span:  Approximately 2 years, most of which is spent in the aquatic larval stage

Habitat:  Slow moving rivers, ponds, lakes and gravel pits with plenty of aquatic vegetation

Food:  Insects (which are caught on the wing)

Special features:  Female Scarce Chaser dragonflies have an orange-brown abdomen with a line of elongated black triangles along the top.  The thorax is an olive-green colour.  They have an orange-yellow line running from root to tip along the leading edges of their wings.

Male Scarce Chasers are dark grey with a light blue abdomen which has a dark grey tip.  Males somtimes have dark markings on the sides of the abdomen which are scars caused by mating.

Juveniles look similar to the females but with an orange coloured thorax.

Both the males and females have dark brown patches at the bases of the wings, and a brown blush at their wing tips which is more prominent in the females.

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