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beetle Rhinoceros Beetles

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Rhinoceros Beetle

Scientific name:  Sinodenron cylindricum

Size:  15 to 18mm long

Distribution:  Found throughout most of England, Wales and Scotland

Months seen:  May to October

Habitat:  Woodlands, hedgerows and parks

Food:  Tree sap.  The larvae feed on rotting wood

Special features:  Rhinoceros Beetles have shiny blue-black bodies which are glossy and very pitted.  The males are easily recognised by the rhinoceros horn-like projection on their heads.  Female Rhinoceros Beetles have just a small bump (tubercle).  They are eqipped with wings and are able to fly.

Although mostly nocturnal, they can sometimes be found in the daytime sunning themselves on deciduous trees or rotting stumps.  They have a preference for Beech trees.

Rhinoceros Beetles are sometimes called 'Least Stag Beetles'.

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