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bird Redwings

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Scientific name:  Turdus iliacus

Size:  Approx 22cm

Distribution:  Found in most parts of the UK

Months seen:  October to April

Life span:  Around 2 years

Habitat:  Woodlands, fields, parks and sometimes gardens

Food:  Worms, snails, insects, berries and fruit

Special features:  Although there are a few resident, breeding Redwings majority of these birds are winter visitors to the UK, arriving from Scandinavia and Iceland.

Redwings are members of the thrush family.  They're similar to our native thrushes but slightly smaller.  The almost white breast is marked with brown streaks, and there is a creamy-white stripe above the eye.  There are orange-brown coloured patches of feathers on its flanks, which is where Redwings get their name.

Redwings are normally seen in open country where they feed in hedgerows and fields.  But when wild food is scarce they can be tempted into gardens to feed on windfall apples or pre-soaked sultanas.

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