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bird Red-backed Shrikes

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Scientific name:  Lanius collurio

Size:  Up to 17cm

Distribution:  Seen on passage along the south and east coasts of the UK

Months seen:  April to June and again from August to October

Habitat:  Parks, gardens and woodland

Food:  Insects and small mammals

Special features:  Adult Red-backed Shrikes can be recognised by the bright reddish-brown back and pale grey front.  They have thick, stout black beaks and greyish legs.  The male has a pinkish tint to the grey front, a grey head and a broad black eye stripe.  The female has a more brownish head and less prominent brown eye-stripe.

There are believed to be just a few pairs still breeding in the UK.  Most UK sightings of Red-backed Shrikes are of birds passing through on migration.

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