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Quick Facts

Scientific name:  Corvus corax

Size:  Approx 65cm long.  Wingspan around 130cm

Distribution:  Found throughout Wales, Northern Ireland, and in the west of England and Scotland

Months seen:  All year round

Life Span: Approx 13 years

Habitat:  Coastal cliffs, uplands and wooded areas

Food:  Omnivorous.  Just about anything.  Often feeds on carrion.  Ravens are also known to follow other birds to 'relieve' them of any food they're carrying (see photo)

Special features:  Ravens are the largest members of the crow family found in the UK, with a wingspan similar to that of a buzzard.  Their feathers are all black with an iridescent sheen of green, blue or purple.  The throat feathers are extra long and pointed giving the appearance of a beard.  The call is often a croaky "Rark" sound, but Ravens make an abundance of different sounds to express different thoughts and feelings.

The beak of the Raven is very thick set, and this is noticeable when the raven is in flight.  Also visible in flight is the diamond-shaped tail.  The feathers in the middle of the tail are longer than those at the edges, and this is one way to distinguish the Raven from the Carrion Crow in flight.  The tail feathers of a crow are all roughly the same length.

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