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bird of prey Peregrine Falcons

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Scientific name:  Falco peregrinus

Size:  Approximately 38 to 46cm. Wingspan up to 110cm

Distribution:  Found mostly in the north and west of the UK.  Rare in southern and central England except in winter months

Months seen:  All year round

Habitat:  Mountains, sea cliffs, quarries and rocky areas

Food:  Birds

Special features:  Peregrine Falcons have slate grey coloured upper parts, while the breast is white with black horizontal bars.  Young birds have a dark brown back.  The face is white with a dark grey moustache.

Peregrine Falcons are probably the fastest animal on earth.  At speeds estimated to around 190mph Peregrines dive on other birds, wings almost closed.  If the impact of the mid-air collision doesn't do the job then the razor sharp beak delivers the killing stroke.

Peregrine Falcons normally pair for life.  They normally nest on rock ledges, such as in inland crags and sea cliffs, but increasingly they're seen in towns and cities where they nest on tall buildings such as tower blocks and cathedrals.

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