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fly Pellucid Hoverflies

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Scientific name:  Volucella pellucens

Size:  Wingspan approximately 30mm

Distribution:  Found in most parts of England, Wales, and parts of Scotland

Months seen:  May to October

Life span:  Up to 35 days (average just 12 days)

Habitat:  Woodland clearings, hedgerows and gardens.  Frequently found around bramble at woodland edges

Food:  Nectar and pollen

Special features:  The Pellucid Hoverfly can be found in most wooded areas in the UK.  It's shape and size are very bumblebee-like.  The name "pellucid" literally means translucently clear, and if you catch this hoverfly in a certain light you can see right through its middle.

The other popular common name for this hoverfly is the "Great Pied Hoverfly" on account of its black and white colouring.  There is however one other hoverfly in the UK which has a cream band around its middle - Leucozona lucorum.  You'll know lucorum because the first two wing veins run straight out to the edge of the wing (photo).  In pellucens the first two wing veins join together before the edge (photo) of the wing.

The larvae of Pellucid Hoverflies live inside the underground nests of common wasps.

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