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bird Nightingales

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Scientific name:  Luscinia megarhynchos

Size:  Approx 15cm

Distribution:  Mostly seen in the southern half of England (south of Hull and east of Taunton)

Months seen:  April to September.  Winters in West Africa

Habitat:  Woods, parks, gardens and orchards.  Prefers areas with dense vegetation

Food:  Insects, berries and fruit

Special features:  Nightingales are slightly larger than a robin with mostly brown coloured plumage on their upperparts and greyish-white plumage below.  The top of the tail is a uniform rusty red-brown.  The legs are pink, the beak is grey and black, and a distinctive feature is the large black coloured eye.

Nightingales are renowned for their beautiful song, and because they are such shy birds they are more often heard than seen.  As the name suggests they will frequently sing well into the night.

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