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hare Mountain Hares

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Scientific name:  Lepus timidus

Size:  50 to 65cm

Distribution:  Found in parts of Scotland, especially the Scottish highlands. Also in the Peak District in Derbyshire and the Isle of Man

Months seen:  All year round

Life span:  Up to 10 years

Habitat:  Mountain slopes and upland heather moors

Food:  Grass, leaves, lichen and twigs

Special features:  The Mountain Hare is slightly smaller than the Brown Hare.  The legs and black-tipped ears are also shorter.  The fur in summer is a blue-grey colour (hence its other common name of Blue Hare), but in winter the fur changes to white.  The tips of the ears remain black, but the rest of the body blends in perfectly with its snowy winter habitat.

The breeding season is from January to September.  The first litter is generally born in March, but the females can have up to three litters each year.  Each litter can have between one and four babies called 'leverets'.

The main predators of Mountain Hares are foxes, but they are also hunted by eagles, buzzards, harriers and wildcats.

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