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fly Moth-flies

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Scientific name:  Psychodidae

Size:  Wingspan 2 to 4mm

Distribution:  Found throughout the U.K.

Months seen:  May to October

Life span:  up to 5 days

Habitat:  Damp woodlands, ditches, drains and sinks

Food:  Decaying matter

Special features:  Moth-flies are also commonly known as owl-midges, drain-flies, filter-flies and sewage-flies.  They are covered in grey or light brown coloured hairs and look just like a small furry moth.  If you look through the hairs at the wings you notice they are clear and veined, just like other flies, although the veins run in straight lines with no crossveins.

They lay their eggs in stagnant water and in the slime which can develop in drains and waste pipes.  The larvae, which hatch out within two days, feed on the decaying matter for the next two weeks.  They then pupate for a few days and then the adult flies emerge.

They are totally harmless, although they can become annoying in large numbers.  Like moths they are attracted to lighted windows at night.

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