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bird Marsh Tits

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Scientific name:  Poecile palustris

Size:  Up to 13cm

Distribution:  Found in most parts of England, Wales and the south of Scotland

Months seen:  All year round

Habitat:  Prefers dry deciduous woodland

Food:  Invertebrates, seeds and berries.  Will visit garden feeding stations in winter

Special features:  Willow Tits have a glossy black coloured cap which extends to the top of the neck.  They usually have a narrow black bib, white cheeks, grey-white plumage below and grey-brown plumage above.  The beak and legs are grey-black, and the beak features a small white mark on the upper mandible next to the head.

Marsh Tits are almost identical to Willow Tits and the most reliable way to tell the two species apart is by their call.  Marsh Tits produce a sneeze-like "pitchay" sound.

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