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beetle Two-banded Longhorn Beetle

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Scientific name:  Rhagium bifasciata

Size:  Up to 22mm long

Distribution:  Commonly found in many parts of the UK

Months seen:  May to September

Life Span:  Up to 3 years (includes 2 years + as larva)

Habitat:  Woodland, hedgerows and gardens

Food:  Pollen and nectar.  The larvae feed on wood

Special features:  Two-banded Longhorn Beetles are one of the most commonly found longhorn species in the UK.  The adult beetles can be identified by the two cream coloured marks on the side of each wing casing with a reddish one in between (which is not always clear to see).  They can sometimes be found on tree trunks, or feeding on the pollen of Hawthorn, Cow Parsley or Hogweed.

The females lay their eggs on dead wood - especially coniferous trees such as Scots Pine.

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