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beetle Black and Yellow Longhorn

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Scientific name:  Rutpela maculata (formerly Strangalia maculata)

Size:  Up to 20mm long

Distribution:  Found in many parts of the UK

Months seen:  May to September

Life Span:  Up to 4 years (includes 2-3 years as larva)

Habitat:  Woodland

Food:  Pollen and nectar

Special features:  Rutpela maculata is also commonly known as the 'black and yellow longhorn' for obvious reasons. It can be identified by its tapered wing casings which feature four black bands that are complete at the rear end but are broken nearer the thorax.  The four front legs are yellow with black tips.  The hind legs are mostly black.

This species is nearly always spotted feeding on nectar on flower heads such as hogweed or cow parsley.  The larvae feed on rotting tree stumps, especially birch and pine.

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