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bird Little Gulls

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Scientific name:  Larus minutus

Size:  Up to 28cm

Distribution:  Found throughout the UK

Months seen:  July to April

Habitat:  Coastal areas

Food:  Insects

Special features:  Little gulls visit the UK in late summer and autumn, and leave in late spring.  They are agile birds resembling terns in their movements.

In summer Little Gulls have a black head and in winter this black plumage moults leaving just a grey patch on top of the head and the cheeks.  The beak is dark grey all year round and the legs are red in summer, becoming more pale (pinkish) in winter.  Juvenile Little gulls have a black mark on the upper surfaces of the wings which form a 'W' when viewed from above

In flight adult little gulls show a pale grey upperwing, with no black wingtips, and a dark grey underwing.

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