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moth Lesser Swallow Prominent Moths

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Scientific name:  Pheosia gnoma

Size:  Wingspan up to 52mm

Distribution:  Commonly found throughout the UK

Months seen:  April to August

Habitat:  Woods, meadows and gardens

Food:  The caterpillars feed on Birch

Special features:  Lesser Swallow Prominent moths have cream coloured forewings with a black and tan coloured band running along the inner edge.  At the trailing edge of the forewings there is a white triangular patch which cuts through the darker band.

Apart from the smaller size this is the main way to distinguish this moth from the Swallow Prominent Moth which has just a long, narrow white line instead of the white triangle.

Both the Swallow Prominent and the Lesser Swallow Prominent are attracted to light at night.

The green and brown caterpillars can be found between June and September.  They spend the winter underground in the pupal stage.

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