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bat Leisler's Bats

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Scientific name:  Nyctalus leisleri

Size:  Wingspan approx 330mm

Distribution:  Rare.  It's stronghold is in Northern Ireland, but populations can be found in England, southern Scotland and north Wales

Months seen:  April to October

Echolocation Frequency: 20 - 30 kHz

Habitat:  Roosts in trees and buildings

Food:  Beetles, moths and flies

Special features:  Leisler's bat is sometimes called the 'lesser noctule', or the 'hairy-armed bat' on account of the long, shaggy hair around the shoulders, which is like a miniature lion's mane.

Leisler's bats look similar to Serotine bats but can be distinguised by the forearm length which is shorter than the Serotine's.  Leisler's bats also have a darker coloured face and tragus is short and rounded - a bit like a mushroom.

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