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bird of prey Kestrels

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Scientific name:  Falco tinnunculus

Size:  Approx 35cm.  Wingspan around 75cm

Distribution:  Found throughout the UK

Months seen:  All year round

Habitat:  Frequently seen hovering over motorway verges and fields

Food:  Mostly mice, voles and insects.  Although they eat every part of their prey, soon afterwards they regurgitate all the fur, and hard bony parts in the form of a pellet.  You can sometimes find piles of these pellets beneath their nests or perching posts

Special features:  Kestrels are our most common falcon.  It would be difficult to take a journey on a UK motorway without spotting one hovering above the verges searching for prey.

Kestrels are equipped with excellent eyesight which allow them to spot a potential meal, from a great height while hovering.

Kestrel plumage is light brown at the front with dark speckles, and dark brown at the back with black speckles.  The head of the male is a blue-grey colour.

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