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There are few creepy-crawlies which can remain active in the cold January temperatures.  One exception is the woodlouse.  Woodlice are a vital part of the ecosystem.  Even in January they are busy feeding on rotting plant material, industriously breaking it down and turning it back into valuable soil.


Now some people think that woodlice are well... a bit boring.  This is so wrong.  Woodlice are amazing.  Years ago, the distant ancestors of woodlice lived underwater.  They're crustaceans like crabs, prawns and lobsters, except they live on land.  But they're sill adapting to life on land, and if they stay out in sunlight too long they literally dry out.  This is why you will always find woodlice in dark, damp places.  Their ideal habitat is under old rotting logs.  The rotting wood provides them with food, shade and protection from the cold weather.

One more thing.  Woodlice produce square poop.  That magical party trick alone make these creatures deserving of more attention.

More info at: UK Safari Woodlice Section

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