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In January you'll sometimes encounter very large flocks of Wood Pigeon.  It was previously believed that their population was increased by migrant birds flying in from Europe.  Bird ringing has since revealed that the increased number of adult birds in winter is mostly the result of successful breeding during the summer months.

Wood pigeons in the UK don't normally fly to other countries, but they do fly between their roost sites and feeding grounds twice a day.  If you take an early morning walk in the countryside you're sure to notice them.  On farmland they feed up on winter crops like cabbage and sprouts, and they sometimes become a pest for farmers.  A good number of Wood Pigeons move into urban areas in winter where they can feed on garden bird tables as well as the trees and shrubs which provide seeds and berries during the colder months of the year.

More info at: UK Safari Wood Pigeons Fact File

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