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Bird  Jackdaw

Jackdaw - Photo  Copyright 2005 Charmain Hall Photo: Charmain Hall

UK Safari Tip:
Get help identifying birds with the superbly illustrated "Top 50 Garden Birds" identification chart - click here

Latin name: Corvus monedula

Size: Approximately 30 to 34cms

Distribution: Found in most parts of the UK.

Months seen: All year round

Food: Omnivore. Will take worms, insects, seeds, eggs etc.

Habitat: Farmland, woods, cliffs, parks.

Special features: The jackdaw has a black back, beak and legs. It's front is dark grey and it has a light grey nape.

The jackdaw nests in trees, the nests of other birds, and frequently in chimney pots on houses.

Did You Know?
Just like swans, jackdaws pair for life.

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