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bird of prey Hobbies

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Scientific name:  Falco subbuteo

Size:  Wingspan approximately 80cm

Distribution:  Found in many parts of the UK especially the southern and eastern counties of England, south east Wales and south east Scotland

Months seen:  April to October (winters in Africa)

Life span:  Approx. 5 years

Habitat:  Heathlands, gravel pits and woodland edges

Food:  Insects, such as dragonflies, and small birds (mainly swifts, swallows and martins)

Special features:  The Hobbies are medium sized falcons, about the same size as kestrels.  They have sharply pointed wing tips and a square shaped tail.  The plumage of the hobby is blue-grey on the upper surfaces.  The breast and underwings are white and heavily streaked grey.  The rump and legs are chestnut-red.  The throat is white.

It has long pointed wings, and is capable of amazingly rapid manoeuvres in flight.  This enables it to catch nippy prey such as dragonflies and swallows.


2000 - Osterley, Middlesex - G. Bradley
2007 - Burgh On Bain, Lincs - Steve Botham
2009 - Highgate Common, Staffordshire - Tony Wharton
2010 - Tophill Low Nature Reserve, East Riding of Yorkshire - Vince Cowell

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