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beetle Green Tiger Beetles

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Scientific name:  Cicindela campestris

Size:  Approx 16mm long

Distribution:  Found in many parts of the U.K. in suitable habitats

Months seen:  May to July

Habitat:  Heathland and sand dunes

Food:  Small invertebrates

Special features:  Green tiger beetles are fast moving, sun-loving beetles.  The 'tiger' name comes from the way they run down their prey and crush it in their powerful, serrated mandibles.

The wing casings are bright metallic green with one prominent creamy-yellow spot on each, as well as several smaller yellow patches at the edges.  The eyes are large, and the long legs and antennae are metallic purple in colour.

Green tiger beetles make a buzzing sound as they fly.  The flights are usually short and fast.

The larvae (black with a cream coloured abdomen) live in a burrow which can be up to 30cm deep.  They lie in wait to ambush small invertebrates.

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