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Great Green Bush-crickets

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Scientific name:  Tettigonia viridissima

Size:  Up to 42mm.  Female ovipositor adds an extra 26mm

Distribution:  Mostly found in the southern half of England and Wales

Months seen:  June to October

Life span:  Up to 10 months

Habitat:  Woodland edges, in trees, areas of rough grass and shrubby vegetation

Food:  Grass and other vegetation), aphids and other small invertebrates

Special features:  Great Green Bush-crickets are the largest bush-crickets found in the U.K.  They have a green body with a brown line down the middle of the back.

They have hair-like antennae which can be up to 50mm long.  The wings are 30mm or more in length and they are able to fly up to a hundred metres.  The ovipositor points slightly downwards.

The eyes are green, unlike the similar looking Wart Biter (Decticus verrucivorus) which has dark brown eyes.

The song of Great Green Bush-crickets is like a poorly oiled sewing machine.  It's loud and very continuous.  They start 'singing' in the afternoon and continue through the night.

Great Green Bush-crickets can give a nasty bite, so handle them carefully (or not at all).

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