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Dangerous sports - Toads crossing a road and mating

At this time of year toads start plodding back to the ponds where they developed from egg to adult.  The best time to see them is at night.  Take a torch with you to the edge of a pond and you might see a bunch of males, all clambering over each other as they try to mate with a single female.

Toads mating

Toads spawning

Toads crossing sign

Also keep an eye out on the roads for a sign showing a toad inside a red triangle.  When surveyed by the AA, many motorists said they thought it meant they were approaching a French restaurant.  In fact it's a warning that you’re nearing a 'toad crossing point'.  Volunteers often assist at these locations to help toads get safely from one side of the road across to their breeding pond on the other.  The toads will have been making this journey for many years, possibly before the road was built.

More info at: UK Safari Toads Fact File

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