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7 Tips to Attract Goldfinches to Your Garden

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Goldfinches are one of our prettiest garden birds with their bright crimson faces and yellow, black and white wings.  If you've not seen any in your garden here are a few tips to help draw them in.

1)  Goldfinches will eat the seeds of teasel, thistle and dandelion if you grow some in your garden, but you can make life much easier for them by providing hanging seed feeders containing high energy foods like sunflower hearts or nyjer seeds.

2)  Buy good quality seed from a reputable source.  Old stocks of seed can be dry with little if any nutritional value to the birds.

3)  Store the seeds in a cool, clean, dry environment to minimise fungal or bacterial contamination.

4)  Use a purpose made nyjer seed feeder.  They have a narrow opening which is ideal for the beaks of Goldfinches.

5)  Seedeaters can get very thirsty so provide a supply of fresh water to keep them coming back.

6)  Late winter and early spring is a time when their natural food is especially scarce.  Putting seeds out at these times of the year is sure to attract them.

7)  Clean your feeding station daily to prevent disease and remove any uneaten food.

More info at: UK Safari Goldfinches Fact File

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