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Astound your friends with your entomology knowledge this month.  Simply point to any Bumblebee that you see and say with absolute certainty "oh look, it's a female".  How can you be sure?  Because the only ones flying this month are the females.  All the males died off last year when the cold weather set in, while the females hibernated through the winter carrying the eggs for this years colony.

resting bumblebee

After spending the whole winter without food, their first stop will be on the early blooming plants.  After a quick refuel they'll be looking for a suitable place to lay their eggs.  They usually make their nest in a disused mouse hole, which might come fully furnished with some old mouse bedding.  If not you’ll see them carrying bits of dry moss and grass down into the hole.

More info at: UK Safari Bumblebees Fact File

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