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moth Drinker Moths

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Scientific name:  Philudoria potatoria

Size:  Wingspan approximately 60 - 70mm

Distribution:  Found throughout the UK

Months seen:  July and August

Habitat:  Woodland rides and edges, meadows, parks and gardens

Food:  Caterpillars feed on grasses and reeds

Special features:  Drinker Moths get their name from the caterpillars which have a habit of drinking large droplets of rainwater or dew from the grass stems on which they feed.  Drinker moth caterpillars are usually seen between April and July

Although the caterpillars are quite large and impressive, the moth itself is a plain brown colour with a wingspan of up to 70mm.  Each forewing has a white spot in the centre and a diagonal line running from the centre of the wing out to the wing tip.  The trailing edge of the wings have a scalloped pattern.

Drinker moths are readily attracted to lights at night.

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