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fungi Devil's Fingers Fungi

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Scientific name:  Clathrus archeri

Size:  Grows to approx 15cm tall

Distribution:  Rare alien species occasionally seen in southern and central counties of England

Months seen:  July to October

Habitat:  Old tree stumps, leaf litter, wood chips and grassland.  Prefers moist, shaded conditions

Special features:  The poisonous bright red Devil's Finger Fungi (sometimes called the Octopus Stinkhorn) is a fungi species which was introduced to the UK from Australia and New Zealand.

The fungi starts as a gelatinous egg-shaped growth.  From this a single stem grows and this branches producing 4 - 8 fingers.  The fingers are covered in a sticky goo, called 'gleba', which contains the spores.  The gleba has a pungent smell which attracts flies which then spread the spores.

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