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moth December Moths

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Scientific name:  Poecilocampa populi

Size:  Wingspan approx 30 - 45mm

Distribution:  Found throughout the U.K.

Months seen:  October to December

Habitat:  Woodlands, parks and gardens

Food:  Larvae feed on a variety of trees including; oak, birch, lime and hawthorn

Special features:  The December moth gets it's name from the time of year it's most frequently seen flying in the UK.  It's often seen flying around street lights at night.  The males and females have similar markings but the females are larger.

December moths lay their eggs in late autumn or early winter, but they don't hatch until the following spring, around April time.  The hairy caterpillars are active until July.  They're variable in colour.  Some are black with red spots, others are grey with orange/brown diamonds down the back, and some are grey all over.

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