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Cricket Thief Spiders

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Quick Facts

Scientific name:  Thanatus vulgaris

Size:  Males up to 6mm, Females up to 10mm

Distribution:  Found throughout much of Europe but sightings in the wild in the U.K. are rare

Months seen:  All year round

Habitat:  Mostly in houses and pet shops.  Frequently showing up in boxes of imported crickets and locusts

Food:  Invertebrates especially crickets

Special features:  Cricket Thief Spiders Thanatus vulgaris are so called because they are often found in boxes of crickets imported as pet food for reptiles and arachnids.  They are a pale brown colour with a dark brown streak along the centre of the abdomen.

This species is not usually seen in the wild in the UK.  They tend to prefer warmer, drier conditions which is why they are normally found in indoor locations.

In the United States they're sometimes called the "Running Crab Spider" which is a bit confusing as we have a different spider in UK which goes by that name (Philodromus dispar).

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