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beetle Corizus hyoscyami

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Scientific name:  Corizus hyoscyami

Size:  Approx 9mm long

Distribution:  Found mainly in England and Wales

Months seen:  All year, but most active from April to October

Life Span:  Approximately 12 months

Habitat:  Sand dunes, meadows and gardens

Food:  Plant sap

Special features:  Corizus hyoscyami (sometimes called the Black and Red Squash Bug) is a species of plant bug with distinctive orange and black markings, black legs and black antennae.  It's covered in fine short hairs and the many veins on the forewings distinguish this insect from ground bugs.

The young Corizus hyoscyami bugs appear in August and September.  They're brownish in colour and covered in fine hairs like the adults.

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