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bird Blue Tits

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Scientific name:  Parus caeruleus

Size:  Grows to around 11.5cm

Distribution:  Found throughout UK

Months seen:  All year round

Habitat:  Woodlands, parks and gardens

Food:  Seeds in winter, and insects in summer.  Will regularly visit garden feeders

Special features:  Blue Tits can be recognised by the blue colouring on their head, wings and tail.  They have a yellow breast with a small black line running down the middle.  Great Tits also have a yellow breast with a black line down the middle, but this is much broader and the head of the Great Tit is black.  The Great Tit is also a larger bird which is noticable when the two birds are side by side. Blue Tits were originally woodland birds, but they are now commonly seen feeding and nesting in gardens.  Their acrobatic abilities make them the most frequently seen birds on garden bird tables and seed feeders.

The females lay between 7 and 14 eggs, between April and June, in a nest made from moss and lined with feathers.  There is normally only one batch each year.

Although there are a large number of chicks in each brood, many die or are killed by predators within the first few weeks of leaving the nest.

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