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beetle Blue Mint Leaf Beetles

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Scientific name:  Chrysolina coerulans

Size:  Up to 10mm long

Distribution:  A few sightings in Kent and Cambridgeshire in England

Months seen:  May to September

Life span:  Just over 1 year

Habitat:  Gardens, damp meadows and riversides

Food:  Mint

Special features:  Blue Mint Beetles are thought to have arrived in the UK from mainland Europe around 2011.  As the name suggests they are normally found on the leaves of various mint plants.  Their whole body is an iridescent blue colour which is peppered with tiny little indentaions.  Both the larvae and the adult beetles feed on mint.

There is another similar beetle which also feeds on mint, but is green in colour.  It's called the Mint Leaf Beetle (Chrysolina herbacea)

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