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goose Black-necked Grebes

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Scientific name:  Podiceps nigricollis

Size:  Approx 30cm

Distribution:  Scarce.  Found in North Wales, England and Scotland

Months seen:  All year round

Habitat:  Lakes and reservoirs, especially with reed.

Food:  Small fish, invertebrates and crustaceans

Special features:  Black-necked grebes have black head and neck plumage with orange-brown flanks, and bright yellow/orange plumes fanning out just behind each fiery red eye.  The breast and belly is a silvery-white.  In winter the plumage is grey on the flanks and there is a grey-white patch on each side of the head below each eye.

Black-necked Grebes are more frequently seen at coastal sites in winter.  In the summer they're more often seen on inland lochs, lakes and reservoirs

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