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moth Broad-Bordered Bee Hawk-Moths

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Scientific name:  Hemaris fuciformis

Size:  Wingspan approximately 50 - 55mm

Distribution:  Found mainly found in southern and central England

Months seen:  May to July

Habitat:  Woodland rides, hedgerows and gardens

Food:  Nectar.  The caterpillars feed on honeysuckle

Special features:  The Broad-bordered Bee Hawk-Moth is a diurnal (day and night flying) moth.  As the name suggests it has the appearance of a bumble bee, right down to the clear wings and furry body.

When it first emerges from its pupa, the wings of the Broad-Bordered Bee Hawk-Moth are actually covered in scales.  After the first flight many of them drop off leaving the clear patches.

The name 'broad-bordered' refers to the dark coloured band or 'belt' around the abdomen.  There is a similar looking species which has a narrow band, called the 'Narrow-bordered Bee Hawk-Moth.

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