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damselfly Banded Demoiselles

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Scientific name:  Calopteryx Splendens

Size:  Wingspan up to 70mm

Distribution:  Found in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Months seen:  Late May to late August

Life Span:  Approximately 2 years, most of which is spent in the aquatic larval stage

Habitat:  Slow flowing rivers, streams and canals

Food:  Insects (which are caught on the wing)

Special features:  Banded Demoiselles are the largest of our native damselflies.  The males have a dark blue-green metallic body and dark blue coloured patches on their wings.  Female Banded Demoiselless do not have the dark patches on the wings, but the wings have a pale green tinge all over.  Their bodies are an iridescent pale green colour.

In the air Banded Demoiselles resemble a butterflies with their gentle, fluttering flight.  You'll usually find Banded Demoiselles around slow moving areas of water.  They are very sensitive to pollution and so their presence is often an indicator of good water quality.

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