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Moth  Winter Moth

Winter Moth - Photo  Copyright 2000 Gary Bradley
Photo: G. Bradley

UK Safari Tip:
Need help identifying moths? Try this fully illustrated book "Moths of the British Isles", available at - click here

Latin name: Operophtera brumata

Size: Wingspan approximately 25mms.

Distribution: Found throughout the UK.

Months seen: October to February.

Habitat: Hedgerows, orchards and gardens.

Food: Nectar.

Special features: Unlike most other moths in Britain which fly during the warmer summer months, the mottled grey winter moths are on the wing from late October through to the end of January.

It is only the males which are able to fly since the females are wingless. The females walk up the trunks of trees to mate with the males and lay their eggs.

In areas where their caterpillars reach pest proportions fruit growers put bands of grease around the base of their trees to prevent the female moths from climbing up them.

When the caterpillars hatch they are able to distribute themselves to other trees by 'ballooning'. The caterpillars lower themselves from a high branch on a thread of silk and then wait for a breeze to float them to the next tree.

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